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OPEN 24/7   Only one dollar per day!

Maggie Mountain Fitness



Maggie Mountain Fitness offers personal trainers.  Our personal trainers are nationally certified with a varying degree of knowledge of general fitness involved in exercise prescription and instruction. They motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients. Our trainers also measure their client's strengths and weaknesses with fitness assessments. These fitness assessments may also be performed before and after an exercise program to measure their client's improvements in physical fitness. They also educate their clients in many other aspects of wellness besides exercise, including general health and nutrition guidelines. In addition, our personal trainers take their time to evaluate a clients personal life outside of the gym in order to best meet the goals of each client. 


Spend time on our cardio equipment.

Here are the top 5 health benefits of daily cardio workouts:

  1.  Improve cardiovascular health.

  2.  Burns calories, helping you to lose weight.

  3.  Helps you sleep better.

  4.  Relieves stress and helps eliminate depression.

  5.  Eases the symptoms of diabetes and improve your health.   



 Included in your gym membership with Maggie Mountain Fitness offers free Group Yoga, Pilates and Core Training, Spin, Boot Camp, Senior's Fitness, Bones and Balance, Strength and Balance, and three Silver Sneakers Classes per week.  In addition we have aerial acrobatics offered for adults and children of all ages for a fee.

           MUSCLE TONE


Get your body toned and fit using our free weights, machines and attending our classes.  Muscle tone is the state of muscle tension inside a muscle or muscle group when it is at rest. Normal tone means that there is the right amount of “tension” inside the muscle at rest, and that the muscle is inherently able to contract on command. The continuous and passive partial contraction of the muscles, which helps maintain posture. In physiology, medicine, and anatomy, muscle tone is the continuous and passive partial contraction of the muscles, or the muscle’s resistance to passive stretch during resting state. 



Massage reduces muscular pain, relives stress and tension, and improves recovery from your workout.  Ultimately, massage assists the body to heal itself.  Our experienced therapists specialize in deep tissue, pain management, relaxation techniques, digestive and abdominal work, sports massage, prenatal massage, heat and hydrotherapy, hot stones and aromatherapy.


30 minutes for $40.00.

60 minutes for $80.00.

90 minutes for $110.00.

*Gym members receive $10 off their first massage.


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